It should be a warning sign for investors whenever they are asked to make payments into the bank account of a company they have never heard of. If you purchase shares from Financial Plus Ltd you should expect to pay into their bank account.

Financial Plus used a lot of Hong Kong companies to collect money from investors. We have checked out many of them. They do exist and they own the bank accounts. However, the companies were formed for one purpose only and that was to defraud investors. The companies had no other trade. All of them were formed using nominee directors who were then replaced. A nominee director is someone who is willing to be installed as a director of a company so that the true owner can remain hidden. The nominee is paid a fee for allowing his name to be used. The nominee directors are also real because the Hong Kong authorities would need to see their ID but they tend to be Chinese citizens living in mainland China. It is extremely difficult for investors to ever trace these nominees.

By adopting this system the criminals can ensure that the nominee director signs all official documents. The true owner can ensure that he never has to reveal himself.

Safe Or Scam has an investigator based in Hong Kong who will be following up on leads.

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